20 April 2009

Choose Your Thoughts … On Purpose

At our last BWP Gathering we talked about our thinking. The Universal Law says what we think about most of the time becomes the reality we experience in our lives. Because we have been reared on negativity most of our lives, we still operate out of that negativity. It has become a habit and way of life that is difficult to break. So, how do we create lives of positivity, peace and joy? By simply choosing to.

You may say, “Easier said than done!” Yes, well, everything is. But you still manage to get up every morning and create a day, usually filled with negative emotions and events. Stop allowing your life to just run itself and start showing up in your life. Start taking an active role in your life, instead of the passive one you have become so used to. Make the conscious choice to become an active participant in your life, instead of the passive spectator.

One way to create that positive atmosphere is to choose your feeling. When you have those negative thoughts, you tend to then have negative feelings about those thoughts. Choose to derail those negative feelings and pick a different feeling, one that will lift you up. Choose to smile. When you smile, all sorts of wiggly things happen to your insides and you cannot hold a negative feeling in that same space.

One of the things that make me smile each and every morning is opening my inbox and finding my daily vibration lifters. I sign up for daily quotes, inspirational sayings and stories, and anything else that gets me out of a dark space and into a brighter one. I want to share one that I received this morning from Mike Dooley and his Notes from the Universe. You will remember Mike as one of the teachers in the movie, The Secret.

You're freakin' me out, Carolyn. I can't remember when you last looked so radiant. When your inner beauty shone so bright. When your step was so light and your smile so heavenly. And it's Monday! What's gotten into you?!

Does this have anything to do with recalling your divinity? Have you realized that
time truly is on your side, and that more than enough of it remains for us to do
your greatest work? Is it that you now see how much you already have, how many
you've already helped, and how much you've already done?

Ahhhh! Your eyes just did that sparkly thing! Moonbeams just shot from your fingertips! The aroma, all around you, is like lavender! And your angels are locked wing to wing singing, "Weeeeeeeeee are the champions..."
...Okay, okay. So I'm pulling your leg a little bit. Truth be told, I can't remember when you didn't look like this.
All together now...
The Universe

Okay, does that absolutely rock! Are you smiling? I know I am! This is what I choose to focus on daily. Corny? Hokey? Yes, if that's what you choose to think. I don't. Yes, I can choose to focus on pain, suffering, struggle, and sickness, all of which are very familiar to me. Yet, I don’t want to! I acknowledge those dark places, pull out the lessons and the blessings, and then let them go. Why? Simply because they do not feel good and they just bring me more of the same.

Check out Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe. Do yourself a huge favor and sign up to receive them daily. Choose to smile every day.