31 May 2010

Is It Failure or Feedback?

"If you must begin then go all the way, because if you begin and quit, the unfinished business you have left behind begins to haunt you all the time." ~ Chögyam Trungpa

A prosperous mindset is about looking at what others call obstacles and seeing opportunities. Only you can deem yourself a failure. As the saying goes, there is no failure, only feedback.

What would have happened if Thomas Edison considered himself a failure and quit? We would probably be sitting in dark rooms, or rooms lit by candlelight still. Who knows? The point being, Edison never gave up. It was his divine mission to create a new way to light a room. He was passionate about it, so failure was never an option. When interviewed, Edison said he didn’t fail, he found 10,000 ways that won’t work. It was this kind of mindset, a prosperity mindset, that made Edison the pioneer he was created to be.

What kind of mindset do you have? A prosperity mindset or are you into scarcity thinking?

How do you deal with failure? Do you see it as failure and want to quit? Or, do you see it as feedback and press on until you achieve your goal?

It’s all about mindset. As Henry Ford said, if you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!

Just for today, think about how you think about failure. Try turning it around and you will soon find that failure will work for you and become welcomed feedback.

Coach Carolyn

29 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Playful

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!

The last of our B-12 boosts is Be Playful.

Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.” ~ Tom Robbins

We come to the last of the B-12s – be playful. What a great way to end! Having fun!

With all the B-12’s, we must never forget to have fun and be playful. Having that playful spirit, I believe is what sparks the other B-12 boosts. When you can come at your life from a place of playfulness and light, then you are living life more consciously and with more awareness.

The worse thing we can do is take ourselves too seriously. I mean, who would want to be around us all the time if we did?

I love to laugh and my laugh is infectious. I didn’t make this up; I have been told over and over – so it must be true! I have also been 36 floors below basement level. I have discovered in all my years, that when I can be playful and in the present moment, I am less likely to visit those sub-basement places.

Need some help being playful? Check out Planet SARK. She rocks! She is all about living juicy. Isn’t that a fun and playful word? So, get out your journals, some colored markers, be playful and live juicy!

It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes.” ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas

Just for today – and everyday – be playful!
Coach Carolyn

28 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Productive

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!

The eleventh of our B-12 boosts is Be Productive.

This is a great B-12 boost because for years I believed that to be busy was all that was required. But being busy does not necessarily mean anything gets done. Being productive means that in all the busyness you are actually accomplishing something.

Being productive means just that – you are producing something. You are creating something where there was nothing before, whether you are producing something from scratch or re-producing something that already exists. This takes creativity. We sometimes forget that we are creative beings first; this means that we are meant to create, to produce, to build, to construct, to manifest. This all takes thinking on our part. But that’s a whole other post!

In motivating people, you've got to engage their minds and their hearts. I motivate people, I hope, by example - and perhaps by excitement, by having productive ideas to make others feel involved.” ~ Rupert Murdoch

Just for today, be productive!
Coach Carolyn

27 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Patient

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The tenth of our B-12 boosts is Be Patient.

Patience is the companion of wisdom.” ~ St. Augustine

This B-12 boost is a tough one in a society of instant this and quick start that. We are an age of wanting everything yesterday. So, where does patience fit in?

Wikipedia defines patience as “the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way…”

What this means is that because of some adverse event, you are called to wait without becoming annoyed or angry about it. Wow! We can’t even wait in stopped traffic without the obscene language and middle fingers flying! So to have to stop and be nice about it, especially in a difficult circumstance? Hmmm…

It is said that patience is a virtue; perhaps because it is so difficult to simply wait helplessly. But who said that waiting in these circumstances have to be passive? These are the moments that you can stretch your pro-activity muscles. These are the times when you can work on changing something about your life that has been stalled or stagnant.

If you are going to be in your car or on a bus or subway, bring along an audio book or program. This is a perfect time to learn something new. Feeling annoyed anyway? Grab your journal and write about what you are feeling and how you are going to use this difficult time to grow. Patience is simply another growth opportunity… if you choose to see it that way.

“Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead.” ~ Mac McCleary

Just for today, be patient!
Coach Carolyn

26 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Present

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The ninth of our B-12 boosts is Be Present.

This B-12 boost may be difficult for some, especially the worriers and the agonizers. Those are the people who constantly worry about the future or those who constantly agonize over the past. If these folks would simply be present, they would soon realize that there is nothing to worry about or agonize over in the present moment.

Being present releases a lot of tension and stress as it centers you in the here and now. Buddha once said the secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. Wisely and earnestly… sounds like being present to me.

To be in the present moment, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and just breathe!

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” ~ Buddha

Just for today, be present!
Coach Carolyn

25 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Positive

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!

The eighth of our B-12 boosts is Be Positive.

Okay, we have all heard it hundreds of times – be positive; have a positive attitude; and think positive. While we may have heard it over and over again, are you doing it? If not, why not?

Think about the people in your immediate sphere have a negative and toxic attitude most of the time. How long do you like to be around them? Not too much, I dare say. Well, this goes both ways. When you are have a “bad day”, not many folks would like to be around you as well. I know I wouldn’t!

It pays to be positive. Now, I am not talking about being Pollyanna all day long, smiling and looking goofy; especially in the midst of something adverse. What I am saying is to not add to the negative energy that is already going around. Keep your energy positive and you will vibrate positive energy, thus creating a more positive environment.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” ~ Herm Albright

Just for today, be positive!
Coach Carolyn

24 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Prosperous

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The seventh of our B-12 boosts is Be Prosperous.

I love this one because being prosperous isn’t merely about money but about living a full life and moving forward in hope. Living a prosperous life means living in total recognition that everything will work out exactly as it should.

Prosperity expert, Rev. Catherine Ponder says that you are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, and plenty in your world. She says that prosperous thinking gives you the power to make your dreams come true – whether those dreams are concerned with better health, increased financial success, a happier personal life, more education and travel, or a deeper spiritual life.

Take a look at your life. Are you living a prosperous life? If one part of your life is lacking something, make the plan to create more harmony in that area of your life.

“If you see yourself as prosperous, you will be. If you see yourself as continually hard up, that is exactly what you will be.” ~ Robert Collier

Just for today, be prosperous!
Coach Carolyn

22 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Prayerful

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The sixth of our B-12 boosts is Be Prayerful.

This is one of my favorites. I believe that nothing can truly work for you unless you are prayerful. We all have our methods of prayer; but simply to communicate with your Infinite Source is what being prayerful is all about. Taking time to embrace the stillness and go within. This is where you connect with your divine self. This is where all of your answers are housed.

Unfortunately, we tend to get prayerful only when we want something or when we are in crisis mode. Think about this now: would you want someone coming to you only when they were in need? Wouldn’t you like to simply have a daily chat about life? Well, alright then! This is the kind of relationship you need to cultivate with the God of your understanding. Then when you are in crisis mode, you are familiar with reaching out to your God.

Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Just for today, be prayerful!
Coach Carolyn

21 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Powerful

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The fifth of our B-12 boosts is Be Powerful.

Being powerful means the ability to exert positive influence. This kind of power comes from having the confidence, knowing who you are, and stepping into that place of authority at all times. It does not mean lording it over anyone, or exerting brute force or coercing anyone. That kind of power comes from fear.

Being powerful in this sense means speaking your truth in love, exercising authority because you want to increase life, not decrease it. You can command attention and don’t have to demand it. And yes, there is a great difference. STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK:

“Am I a positive influence in my immediate sphere?”

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

Just for today, be powerful!
Coach Carolyn

20 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Persistent

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The fourth of our B-12 boosts is Be Persistent.

Being persistent means refusing to give up or let go or persevering obstinately. This was a foreign word to me up until a few years ago. I was not persistent. I did things sporadically. Now, if it has to do with my dreams, intentions and desires, I am like a pit-bull! I grab that tenacious hold and I don’t let go until I have completed my objective.

Okay, I hear you asking… so when do you let go? If it has to do with your heart’s desires, you don’t. Why would you? Obstacles are going to creep up just so you can re-confirm your passion for what you want to be, do, or have. When you allow obstacles to stop you, then you need to check in and ask if this is really what I want to be, do, or have. Perhaps this is not your passion and merely something you are doing out of fear.

Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.” ~ Edward Eggleston

Just for today, be persistent!
Coach Carolyn

19 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Peaceful

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The third of our B-12 boosts is Be Peaceful.

"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself; nothing, but the triumph of principles." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is the one that I strive for everyday and have been for the past several years. I grew up in a household that was never peaceful. It was very violent, angry and fear-based. This is how I grew up.

Today, I choose peace. As Emerson said, nothing can bring you peace but you. Being peaceful is a choice and sometimes a difficult choice; especially if you grew up in violence and anger. What I have discovered is that if you truly want peace, all you have to do is be peaceful.

Trappist monk and author Thomas Merton once said that if you are at peace, then there is some peace in the world. This always stuck with me because when I am in the midst of chaos and turmoil, I can be at peace and there is some peace in the room. Peace begins with a choice and the choice is yours.

"There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden, or even your bathtub." ~ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Just for today, be peaceful!
Coach Carolyn

18 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Passionate

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The second of our B-12 boosts is Be Passionate.

Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night.” ~ Terri Guillemets

I love this B-boost because it allows for true authenticity. When you can be passionate, you can follow your heart unabashedly. I think if more people truly lived passionate lives, there would no such thing as stress and struggle.

Being passionate means having and expressing strong emotions. You are an emotional being anyway, so let it all hang out! Either we tend to be so volatile that anything sets us off; or we are just too anal. Passion means living in the exuberant middle. When you are pissed off, say so. When you are miserable, say so. This is what your Passion Partner is for. Read my article on Passion Partners here.

Okay, so here’s the trick: once you have said so… shut up about it! A nutritious Passion Partner won’t let you go on and on about it.

Next step: take that passion, that fire, that energy and use it to fuel your burning desire, your divine why, your purpose.

When you are living in your passion, fear has no place to enter. Isn’t that great news?

Follow your passion, and success will follow you.” ~ Terri Guillemets

Just for today, be passionate!
Coach Carolyn

17 May 2010

Your Daily B-12 – Be Purposeful

Receive your daily boost of B-12.

These are in no particular order. Use them all – everyday.

“Live everyday as if it were your last – cuz one day, you’ll be right!”

The first of our B-12 boosts is Be Purposeful.

“Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.” ~ Wayne Dyer

To be purposeful means to have a definite why. Napoleon Hill called it definiteness of purpose; and W. Clement Stone said definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.

In my coaching practice, I have encountered so many who go after opportunities because of the money. Unfortunately this does not yield a great return on investment. In the long run, there is burnout, lack of motivation, coupled with constant procrastination and lack of focus. The money is simply the by-product; it is never the why. You have not incarnated here on this earth to amass money. You have incarnated to fulfill your divine purpose, that burning desire that is within each and every one of us. When you are so on purpose, you lose all track of time, stay focused and motivated and there is less stress and burnout because you are doing exactly what you were created to do. You are being first – being your authentic self.


“What am I here to be, do and have?”

Asking this question, you will soon re-discover your divine why. I say re-discover because you already know the answer – you just need to re-member it.

Just for today, be purposeful!
Coach Carolyn

14 May 2010

Friday’s Purposeful Question

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

“What would the world miss out on if you don’t live your dreams?”

“Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Have an awesome weekend!
Coach Carolyn

13 May 2010

Thoughts Become Words - Watch Those Words!

"Walking your talk is a great way to motivate yourself. No one likes to live a lie. Be honest with yourself, and you will find the motivation to do what you advise others to do." - Vince Poscente

In other words, Be Impeccable With Your Word – Don Miguel Ruiz’ first of the Four Agreements.

Remember, everything you say has an impact on you and your world. Not only does it have an impact on your external life, but also and most especially, your internal life. Most people tend not to think about what they say on a daily basis; but it is critical to be mindful about what you think about and then, what you end up saying.

Watch your thoughts, they become words; Watch your words, they become actions; Watch your actions, they become habits; Watch your habits, they become character; Watch your character, it becomes your destiny; which become the results that we see in the world.

Be Impeccable With Your Word.

Coach Carolyn

12 May 2010

Be, Do and Have Peace

"If you want a kinder world, then behave with kindness; if you want a peaceful world, make peace within." ~ Dan Millman

"Making peace with ourselves is like building an inner house of peace and welcoming the God of peace to dwell there forever." ~ John Dear

I love both of these quotes because they speak of peace as a verb. Peace is something you choose to be, do, and have. If you want a peaceful environment, then be peace. If you want to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, then you must do peace yourself. As Gandhi once said, you must be the change you wish to see. In this case, you must be and do the peace you wish to see in your immediate world.

When all hell is breaking loose, don’t join in. What good will that do? Just create a bigger sphere of hell! Instead, maintain a level of peace and calm. Keep your cool and just observe. Don’t judge, don’t criticize, don’t analyze. Just observe. If you allow everyone else’s drama to affect you, then you are simply at the mercy of everyone else’s drama. If you need, take a “water break.” Visit the lu. Go get a drink of water. Silently bless the water you use, say a prayer of peace, then return to your place. You will be amazed at how much calmer and reserved you will be because you stepped away from all that negative energy.

Just for today, stop getting caught up in everyone else’s drama. Keep your cool and maintain your own peace and watch peace become your dearest friend.

Choose peace, instead of this!
Coach Carolyn

11 May 2010

Let Fear Do Its Job

“To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.” ~ Katherine Paterson

Although we do not choose our emotions, we do choose which ones will hang around and upset our lives. Our emotions are God-given and we have them for a specific purpose – not to torture us or abuse us; but to alert us to a next step in our lives.

When we stay stuck in fear, we are not allowing the fear to do the job it came to do, to alert us to something that will assist us in our growth. Instead we do not acknowledge the fear, let alone confront it. We are called to stare down our fears, asking it what it wants from us, then taking the next inspired actions.

You are the master of your emotions, not the other way around. Stop allowing your fears to control how you are being and doing in life. Fear is to compliment your existence, not stop it!
“Fear cannot take what you do not give it.” ~ Christopher Coan

So just for today, let fear do its job, while you do yours!

Coach Carolyn

10 May 2010

Think... For Yourself

"As for worrying about what other people might think - forget it. They aren't concerned about you. They're too busy worrying about what you and other people think of them." ~ Michael le Boeuf

This is so true! It reminds me of something author and leadership expert Dr. John Maxwell often quoted. He said you wouldn’t worry so much what other people thought of you if you knew how rarely they did!

So, get over yourself! People are not thinking about you. In fact, they aren’t thinking of much of anything. They are rehashing yesterday’s fears, worries and doubts; so they really aren’t thinking at all.

But you can be the change you would like to see in your world. Instead of thinking about what other people are thinking about, think about thinking for a change. Did I completely confuse you?

What I mean is, think about what you are thinking about. Are you too rehashing yesterday’s junk? Or, are you really thinking a new thought? Are you being creative, thinking about new ideas and new innovations, and things you can do to become a better you? This is where your mind need to be – in becoming a bigger, better, more powerful you! Check out my post, "I Think...Therefore I AM."

So, just for today, stop thinking about what someone else is thinking about you – because chances are, they aren’t!

Stop rehashing and start thinking!
Coach Carolyn

07 May 2010

Ask Four Questions...Turn It Around

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Just for today, think about something or someone who is really irking your last nerve! Got it? Now do The Work on it. Ask the four questions and then turn it around…

Byron Katie says all the suffering that goes on inside our minds is not reality. It's just a story we torture ourselves with. She has a simple, completely replicable system for freeing ourselves of the thoughts that make us suffer. "All war begins on paper," she explains. You write down your stressful thoughts, and then ask yourself the following four questions:

Question 1: Is it true?
This question can change your life. Be still and ask yourself if the thought you wrote down is true.

Question 2: Can you absolutely know it's true?
This is another opportunity to open your mind and to go deeper into the unknown, to find the answers that live beneath what we think we know.

Question 3: How do you react—what happens—when you believe that thought?

With this question, you begin to notice internal cause and effect. You can see that when you believe the thought, there is a disturbance that can range from mild discomfort to fear or panic. What do you feel? How do you treat the person (or the situation) you've written about, how do you treat yourself, when you believe that thought? Make a list, and be specific.

Question 4: Who would you be without the thought?
Imagine yourself in the presence of that person (or in that situation), without believing the thought. How would your life be different if you didn't have the ability to even think the stressful thought? How would you feel? Which do you prefer—life with or without the thought? Which feels kinder, more peaceful?

Turn the thought around:
The "turnaround" gives you an opportunity to experience the opposite of what you believe. Once you have found one or more turnarounds to your original statement, you are invited to find at least three specific, genuine examples of how each turnaround is true in your life.

Have an awesome, stress-free weekend!
Coach Carolyn

06 May 2010

One Small Change

Just for today, I want to share this with you from Leo Babauta's mnmlist.com, a blog on minimalism:

the only thing you can change

You can't change your entire life.
You can only change your next action.

You can't change a relationship with a loved one.
You can only change your next interaction.

You can't change your entire job.
You can only change your next task.

You can't change your body composition.
You can only change your next meal.

You can't change your fitness level.
You can only start moving.

You can't declutter your entire life.
You can only choose to get rid of one thing, right now.

You can't eliminate your entire debt.
You can only make one payment, or buy one less unnecessary item.

You can't change the past, or control the future.
You can only change what you’re doing right now.

You can't change everything.
You can only change one, small thing.

And that's all it takes.

Enough said,
Coach Carolyn

05 May 2010

Clean Out Those Toxic Relationships

“The people we are in relationship with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors reflecting their beliefs. So relationship is one of the most powerful tools for growth... if we look honestly at our relationships we can see so much about how we have created them.” ~ Shakti Gawain

Who are you hanging out with? Are you spending most of your time around nutritious people? Or toxic people?

Remember, you are the average of your five closest friends. Think about who those five friends are. Do you find yourself complaining about them more and more as time goes on? When you leave their company do you feel challenged, rejuvenated and encouraged?

Have you stopped to ask yourself about your close relationships? If not, why not?

If you are tolerating toxic people, then it will reflect in your life.

If I gave you a beautiful bottle, I am sure you would take it. If I told you that bottle contains a deadly poison, you would think twice about taking it. Yet, this is exactly what you are doing when you associate with toxic people. You are not only taking the bottle, but you are ingesting the poison!

On the same coin – are you a nutritious friend to someone else? Or, are you someone other people would not want to be around? This goes both ways. Remember, when we point the finger, we have three more pointing right back at ourselves.

Just for today, take a serious inventory of your closest relationships. It may be time to do some spring cleaning.

Coach Carolyn

04 May 2010

Practice Telling Your New Story

“Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before yours eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those Laws.” ~ Abraham

Okay, to the ladies who have been journeying with me the past few months, this should sound extremely familiar! You have written your new stories. Are you telling those new stories to yourself and everyone you meet? Or, are you still telling the same old story that absolutely does not serve you anymore?

Even if you have to take it a piece at a time: start with telling something new about your spiritual practices – how great you feel when you do your gratitude and manifestation lists, and how you can see the transformative effects it is having in your life. Get the picture? You don’t have to start out telling some long, drawn out brand new story. Probably you don’t even believe it all yet. Just start small. Remember, it is about baby steps.

Just for today, tell one piece of your new story. Pick your favorite piece and practice by telling that piece to one nutritious friend; not a naysayer! Then continue having a conversation about it, as if it’s really real! You will be amazed at how it makes you feel and it will boost your level of self esteem as well.

Practice telling your new story.
Coach Carolyn

03 May 2010

Change Begins With Choice

I received this from one of my spiritual mentors and I thought it a wonderful message to begin the new week of a new month! This article is by Jim Rohn. Enjoy!

Any day we wish; we can discipline ourselves to change it all. Any day we wish; we can open the book that will open our mind to new knowledge. Any day we wish; we can start a new activity. Any day we wish; we can start the process of life change. We can do it immediately, or next week, or next month, or next year.

We can also do nothing. We can pretend rather than perform. And if the idea of having to change ourselves makes us uncomfortable, we can remain as we are. We can choose rest over labor, entertainment over education, delusion over truth, and doubt over confidence. The choices are ours to make. But while we curse the effect, we continue to nourish the cause. As Shakespeare uniquely observed, "The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves." We created our circumstances by our past choices. We have both the ability and the responsibility to make better choices beginning today. Those who are in search of the good life do not need more answers or more time to think things over to reach better conclusions. They need the truth. They need the whole truth. And they need nothing but the truth.

We cannot allow our errors in judgment, repeated every day, to lead us down the wrong path. We must keep coming back to those basics that make the biggest difference in how our life works out. And then we must make the very choices that will bring life, happiness and joy into our daily lives.
And if I may be so bold to offer my last piece of advice for someone seeking and needing to make changes in their life - If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree. You have the ability to totally transform every area in your life - and it all begins with your very own power of choice.

To your prosperous life!
Coach Carolyn