09 December 2007

Give Purposeful Permission

Living a life of passion and purpose means surrendering to our own wants and desires in favor of the miracles the Divine has for us. Sometimes we think we know what is best for ourselves, yet we end up with so many people and things in our lives that do not serve us. Then we spend so much time, money and energy trying to undo the things we have done to allow the situations to happen.

When we can take the actions and release the outcomes, our circumstances turn out so much better and we and the results are more peace-filled. Not to say that we become complacent or do nothing to create our realities. But we sometimes need to just stop -- remember stopping is a spiritual action. We need to stop, allow the Divine to work a miracle, then be in a state of radical gratitude.

How difficult is it for you to let go? Are you in need of being in control of everything? Can you give the Divine permission to create for you a life filled with passion and peace?

Have you taken a moment to say "thank you" to someone today?

Give permission, live passionately!
Coach Carolyn


marissamack said...


This is sooo true! You have to stop, look at your surroundings and tae a minute to see where you are, then gather yourself. This is a wonderful site, continue to do your thing!

Marisa Y. Mack

Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

Hey Marisa,
Thanks for 'stopping' by! And thanks for the kind words. I'll keep on keeping on!