31 March 2009

BWP Dialogues: Living in the Present Moment

This past weekend, fourteen fabulous women gathered, laughed, cried, and shared their stories about what it means to live in the present moment and what blocks them from doing so. The big “D” word came up: DRAMA! It is amazing how connected we all are by the drama stories that happen in our lives. Drama, ours or other people’s, keeps us out of the present moment. Drama is about living out of our fear, and that fear then escalates into this gi-normous event. We have no idea how to deal with it, so we need other people to validate our fear, thus creating drama.

These dialogue circles were created to share about the ebbs and flows of our reality. When we live in the past or the future, our flow is blocked and the path gets murky. To stay in the present moment, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, ASK…

Three questions we need to become intimate with, I call them the DO, BE, HAVE Questions:
1. Who am I?
2. What do I want?
3. What am I here to do?

…When we can get in alignment with the answers to these three questions, life flows so much more smoothly. Then when obstacles arise, we are in a better position to deal with them.

When drama does come knocking at your door; stop, take a breath, and then ask yourself:
What is my part in this? Stop pointing the finger at someone else; you cannot control them.
What is mine to do in this situation?

Word of advice: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! There are three kinds of business: Your business, other people’s business, and God’s business. Most of the stress and strife is caused when you move out of your business and into another’s business.

Again, move away from chronic complainers! If they are intimate or significant people in your life, then hold them accountable to their complaints, otherwise, move on! This also causes a lot of the drama in your life. Stop allowing other people to sabotaging your peace and joy. This is your one, wild and precious life and if you work it right, one will be enough!

Coach Carolyn

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