09 April 2012

Change Your Own Reality

 "Who wouldn't always say yes to reality
if that's what you're in love with?
What could happen that I wouldn't
welcome with all my heart?

“I don't know what's best for me, or you, or the world.
I don't try to impose my will on you or on anyone else.
I don't want to change you, improve you,
convert you, help you or heal you.
I just welcome things as they come and go.
That's true love." ~ Byron Katie

I think this an absolutely brilliant quote! We live in a world where people are forever trying to change other people. Well, it’s not your job to change anyone but yourself! You are not called to police the universe. You are called to love.

When we pray for someone, we pray that they change to become as we would like them to be – happier, more patient, more tolerant, healthier, wealthier, the list goes on and on.

How about loving them just the way they are?

Part of the suffering of this world comes from minding other people’s business; wanting to change what is. The only reality you have the power to change is your own. Work on changing your own reality, then see how the things around you begin to change.

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