21 May 2012

Reach For A Better Thought

“There can be no progress without change, no growth without renewal. There must be a constant stream of new thought – better thought and truer thought – to insure progression in life.” ~ Raymond Holliwell

Everything begins with a thought and our thoughts create the things in our lives. For progression to take place and growth to occur, there has to be consistent thought. Yes, we think thoughts every day, every moment; but the thoughts that most of us think are not new thoughts. They are rehashed worries, fears and doubts. They are the thoughts we had yesterday and the day before that.

Dr. Holliwell tells us that we must have better and truer thoughts to insure progression in life. This means we must consciously think about what we think about every moment. We must stop allowing every thought that falls into our heads to take ownership of us; because 98% of those thoughts are not serving us.

Just for today, think about what you think about. Reach for a better thought, a truer thought.


Maoudj Ishaq said...

Eventhough i am a man ... i read this article and i think i quite agree ... but somehow it not complete as we can't decide if our thoughts are better by ourselves we and even other human beings aren't models for that , are they ?

Maoudj Ishaq said...

Even i am a man i read the artilce by chance and i think it's good .. but i still think that a human being can't know if s/he has a better mind while he doesn't have a model to know ... because human aren't perfect simply :D

Coach Carolyn said...

@Maoudj: Thank you for your comments. I believe we know when we are feeling bad or feeling good. This is an indication of what we are thinking. You don't need another person to determine how you are feeling. Be blessed, CoachC.