07 September 2012

In This Great Loss

Instead of the usual Purposeful Question that I post at the week's end, I thought I would share a poem I wrote during my grieving the sudden death this summer of a loving soul. The words just come pouring in the midst of grief and loss - I do not bother to censor.

In This Great Loss

It is within great loss that much is found.
Through tender moments of fragile light
– memories float in and out
   bearing down on my vulnerable heart
   daring me to feel more than I thought possible.

In this great loss I discover who I am
Not merely a flutter of titles and responsibilities –
   but a soul with a shattered heart
   broken into pieces of fresh though fading memories;
   sprinkled with occasional “what ifs” and “if onlys”.

In this great loss I discover that I am one of
   a million beams of light that has grown dim.
Dimmed by the pain of this great loss.
Dimmed by the pain of stinging tears.

But… You are here.
You who have watched my silent pain.
You who have borne witness to my shattered soul
   as it wept for so much more than this loss.
You are here.
You, who sat beside me as I wept.
You, who never said, “There, there now,”
   but just wept with me.
You are here.
You, whose light burns brighter and higher.
You, who are Light. You are here.
You are Love.

In this great loss, I know who I am –
   I am Love too.

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