29 October 2012

Stop Judging, Just Notice

There will be a never-ending flow of external circumstances that you will meet with everyday. Some you will label as negative and others you will label as positive. No doubt you will take the positive circumstances for granted – placing those moments on the back of the shelf. It will be the negative circumstances that you choose to give your undivided attention to. You will give energy to those negative experiences; and that energy will be charged with anger, doubt, frustration, sadness, disappointment, and sorrow or fleeting moments of all of these. This energy determines your vibrational resonance, which in this case is extremely low. Thus you attract more of the same – more vibrationally low experiences.

You may determine that your low vibration was caused by those negative circumstances. You may also determine that because of those negative circumstances, which was not your fault, leave you feeling powerless and helpless in those circumstances. This unfortunately, has become a fallacy of most people’s thinking. Granted, you have no control over anyone else’s behaviors and choices; but you do have control over your own. You can choose to determine that the external circumstance is not negative or positive, that it just is. Nothing that happens in life has any inherent meaning unless we assign it one.

How different would you feel and behave is you chose to see that same external circumstance as either positive or having no meaning at all? This kind of thinking would not leave you feeling all those negatively charged emotions, and thus you would act on your more positive feelings. Think how different your life would be if you would stop judging the external events in your life and just notice them as a stepping stone along your path of life.

Nothing in this life happens to you, it happens for you. Anything for you can only lead to your greatest and highest good. But you must make the conscious choice to be in the noticing and not in the judging. When you assign labels you are judging. When you can just notice without assigning or attaching a label or meaning, then you create an unlimited amount of freedom and possibility in your life. When you can just notice what is going on in your external environment, and not judge it, you will no longer feel powerless or helpless in those situations. Being in the noticing creates more awareness, more freedom, more power, and much more inner peace in your life.

Just for today, don't judge... just notice.

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