05 November 2012

Living Fearlessly Confident

I have discovered that living a fearless life is a myth. Fear will come to pay you a visit at one time or another; there is nothing you can do about that. But I have realized that when I befriend my fear, I can then use it to my advantage and create a life of confidence, abundance and inner peace.

We are born with two fears – falling and loud noises – all other fears are learned; and we have learned them all too well. Although someone has taught us those extra fears, they failed to teach us how to befriend them when they come calling. Fear is one of our innate emotions, therefore we do need it. When we feel fear, our mind and body knows exactly what to do to kick us into fight or flight mode. Unfortunately, we have allowed our fight or flight engine to continue running. Our minds and bodies cannot perceive a real threat from an imagined one.

If we want to live a confident life – the life we were created to live, by the way – then we must first become comfortable with our fearful side. Fear comes along not to harm us but to alert us that something new and exciting is about to happen.

Incredible innovators like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs must have felt the pangs of fear all the time. The difference is they learned how to use their fear to their advantage. They knew that if they allowed the voice of their fears and doubts to get louder than the voice of their passions and dreams, then nothing would have come of those passions and dreams. Just think of the inventions and creations we would not be using today if those innovators gave into their fears.

So, what was the difference between those innovators and everyone else? What did they do that helped them to befriend their fears and realize their dreams? They made the decision to pursue their dreams; they decided that their dreams were more important to them than their fears and doubts were. They used their amazing power to choose. They all made a choice then took action on that choice.

Author Napoleon Hill wrote in his classic, Think and Grow Rich, that indecision breeds fear. This has been very true in my life and the life of my students and clients. When I made a conscious decision to be, to do, or to have something, my world would shift. It was as if I have given the universe permission to begin my own symphony. Opportunities would come my way, resources would come into my awareness, and the right people would connect with me. Once I could make the decision, I set into motion a whole operating system – just for me and my dream.

We all make decisions everyday; but most of those decisions are made unconsciously. Most of our life is lived on autopilot and we choose by default. This is just as bad as indecision; because the decision is not made consciously. Although we make decisions consciously, our subconscious mind has the task of rejecting any decision or dream that is not aligned with how we have been taught. If we have been taught fear, then the subconscious mind will respond to our dreams with fear. We become frozen, paralyzed by the fear and we do not proceed with making our dream a reality. But once we make a conscious decision that we will be, do and have what we desire, then inspired action steps come into our awareness and we can proceed to take those action steps.

The subconscious mind will bring into your awareness everything you need to create the confident life you so desire. Making conscious choices and taking small, inspired action steps on those choices will lead to more confidence in yourself and in your dreams. But again, not making the decision to act on your desires will only bring up more fear and doubt. Once you take an action, there is no more doubt because you know that you are capable to take the action.

You begin to take on your fears as a challenge; knowing that you are moving forward on your dreams and desires. You know that when you feel the fear, it only means that you have a desire that will stretch you to become bigger and brighter, and lead you to a more confident life.

Just for today, live your life fearlessly confident!

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