17 December 2012

Reconnect to Your Creative Muse

As children, we were creative beyond belief. We played and used out amazing imaginations to create anything we wanted to be, to do and to have. The sky was the limit. The most wonderful part of this was no one told us we could not, should not or must not be, do or have whatever we imagined. We were allowed to imagine freely without limits and without any restrictions. Oh, those were glorious times! Those of you baby boomers like me may remember when our parents purchased a large appliance – a washing machine or a television set. Remember those endless hours playing with the box and packaging? I created a life-sized doll house, a forte, a bus, and I played for hours on end, never getting bored. Whatever happened to those wonderful days and memories?

I’ll tell you what happened – we grew up! We not only grew up but we grew up and conformed to the masses. We had to go to school and the school had to have conformity. There was no way to teach children in the allotted amount of time all the things they had to teach if one child was a princess in her tower awaiting her prince and another child was an astronaut awaiting take off! It just would not do! So as we grew up, we were taught to suppress our beautiful, creative spirits and not to use our imaginations. We had to be realistic, practical, with our heads out of the clouds and our feet planted firmly on the ground.

Now as adults, we have lost touch with our inner creativity. Unless you are an artist, you have somehow mislaid your creative spark. As an aside, if you are an artist, you either had to be damned good to convince everyone or you took a lot of flack about your fanciful ideas. This is a very sad demonstration of creativity. The world will pay the Barbra Streisands, the Derek Jeters, and the Julia Roberts millions to live in their divine creative spirits. Yet, the rest of us poor unimaginative souls must eek out our meager existences as realistic, practical conformists!

Well, I say it’s high time for a revolution! It’s time for the rest of us to reconnect to that inner creative spirit who used to create out of television packing boxes. We may not be a Streisand, a Jeter or a Roberts – that may not be our divine call – but we are just as imaginative and just as creative and can choose to use those wonderful gifts to create more vibrant lives for ourselves. There is no reason on earth why we must live dull, lackluster, mediocre lives. We are all meant to shine our lights and shine them brightly.

There is a wonderful passage in my favorite book that says why hide your light under a bushel basket? This is a question for all of us. Why are you hiding your amazing creativity and gift? Perhaps there is something you love doing, you have gotten raves about it, yet you don’t see it as a divine gift. You could bake outstanding cupcakes, or sew beautiful children’s clothes, or create amazing scrapbook layouts. This is your bright light and when you can shine your light brightly, it not only illuminates all other areas of your life, but it shines light on those you come in contact with. When you are not living in your creative light, you not only do a disservice to yourself but you deprive the world of the gift you incarnated into this world to give.

So, just for today, stop, take a breath and ask yourself:

“What do I really enjoy doing?”
“What have I gotten great feedback about?”
“What truly lights me up?”

Then, listen for your Divine Inner Wisdom to bring you the answers. Someone once said that what the world really need is people living out their true passions – so go out and reconnect to your creative muse and live your life with passion!

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