04 February 2013

Focus on Your Desires

The most direct route to creating what you want is to focus your intention on your strongest desire, and then have the discipline to hold that intention without drifting into fear.

"Before we can focus on our strongest desire we have to learn to listen. Spirit speaks to us through our desires. When we quiet our mind we are able to hear them. Desires may dart in and out of our awareness, but true desires always come back. They don't stay away for long.

"At first the desire may feel overwhelming, unattainable, but by consistently bringing your attention back to the desire instead of following your fears, its fulfillment is guaranteed. The next time a strong desire comes into your awareness do not be so quick to chase it away. Relax and let it stay awhile. Become familiar with it. See and feel the richness of this glorious unfolding.

"If it's entering your consciousness, it's yours to claim. The longer you can stay with the desire the more graceful will be its manifestation." ~ Janice Campbell

Just for today, focus on your dreams and not on your fears!

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