06 March 2008

Chapter One: The Flowering of Human Consciousness

Okay, by now I hope everyone has had a chance to either view or listen to the first class of the Oprah and Tolle A New Earth Series. You can go to Oprah.com to listen or download the class.

One of the things we talk a lot about here at Becoming a Woman of Purpose is our thinking; that is, our limiting beliefs that contribute to the thoughts we have – what Tolle calls the voice in the head or our conditioned thinking. These thoughts were conditioned by our past, our childhood, our upbringing and by the culture we were raised in. all of those things contributed to the condition of our thought processes. When the awakened process begins, a lot of the old voices in the head, the old thoughts still come up.

For myself, the old voices constantly came up, especially in situations where I had to do something new and different. Now, as I begin to awaken, though the conditioned thinking still comes up, I have techniques to keep them in check and keep myself from being controlled by them.

How have you managed your conditioned thoughts – the inner critic or the voice of doom?

Please share your AHA Moments here and help your fellow sister (or brother) on the journey. You can also join the online discussion board at Oprah.com.

Keep flowering,
Coach Carolyn

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and you are so right. I am also participating in the classes and I am amazed at the awakening within me. It feels good.

Keep writing!

Kelly ( Castle Kings)