29 May 2008

Are You Stopping ~ On Purpose?

I have noticed in the past several months that when I ask someone, especially women, how they are doing ~ the answer I get is either very busy or stressed! No one is just plain “Very well, thank you” anymore. We have defined our lives by how much we can cram into a twenty-four hour period. It seems that if we are not extremely overbooked, over scheduled, or over extended then we are not living productive lives. But there is a vast difference between busyness and productivity.

If you are merely busy, then it is time to stop and ask yourself what you are so busy about. If your busyness is producing the outcomes needed to achieve your dreams and intentions, then you are on the right path. Even in the productivity, it is wise to take time to just be. Develop a daily practice of stopping, on purpose, for at least five minutes. We all have five minutes to just stop and breathe. If you cannot find five minutes, then you really need to rethink your priorities, for a five minute breath break must be a priority for us all.

In addition to scheduling in time for acknowledging the things you are grateful for, include those five minutes to stop and breathe ~ just notice your breath and be aware of what is around you. This gets you in the present moment for at least five minutes.

Stop and breath, on purpose!
Coach Carolyn

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Brenda said...

I could not agree with you more! If I can add here, I'd also suggest that people evaluate the cultures/environments they are in to see whether they contribute to unproductive levels of stress. Several years ago I left an organization which prided itself on it's reactive nature when I could no longer ignore the increasing level of unhappiness and even stress-related illnesses of those around me. I had to admit that I had gotten caught up in what was becoming a culture of competitive workaholism! I, myself, had developed high blood pressure and was taking medication. Within a week of leaving that job to start my own business, the doctor had to cut my blood pressure medicine in half. At the end of two weeks, she had to pull me off it completely. Now I do consulting work for the same firm, but on my own terms (which includes tea and meditation breaks and sane hours). My blood pressure remains well within the bounds of normal ... and I work much more efficiently, benefitting everyone!