19 May 2008

Living My Dreams ~ On Purpose

I spent this past weekend with about 60 other dreamers and Marcia Weider, America’s Dream Coach in the Create Your Future Now workshop. It was an intense weekend, 9-7 both days with lots of information, sharing, and dreaming. It was awesome to be in a SOHO loft with so many other dreamers and entrepreneurs.

Marcia, founder and CEO of Dream University, has certified nearly 600 Dream Coaches and travels around the world giving workshops, lectures and retreats on making your dreams a reality. In addition to authoring a number of books, she had appeared on Oprah a number of times, had her own PBS special and leads week long workshops on becoming an inspiring speaker and masters of manifestation. Marcia is the former president of the National Association of Women Business Owners and resides in the San Francisco area with her fiancé Patrick and her two puppies, Ciao and Bella.

This weekend, Marcia went through her 10 Dream Principles, with exercises and lots of questions to help solidify our dreams. We also discussed making, managing, breaking and re-negotiating agreements, which Marcia believes is one of the prime sources of suffering.

One of the principles is finding your purpose: “When all of your dreams are an expression of your purpose, then you are in alignment,” says Marcia.

“There are the dream we have for our life and then there are the dreams that life has for us.” ~ Marcia Weider from Dreams Are Whispers From the Soul

The most profound part of the weekend for me, besides meeting and sharing with new dreamers, was the piece on incompletions – something left undone or unsaid in our lives. These incompletions can trigger old memories stirring up disowned parts of ourselves, resulting in unrealized dreams. The process for getting complete is to first identify what is incomplete ~ asking how might this be impacting or inspiring your dream; and then determining what needs to be done to complete it. Completing what is incomplete puts you in an empowered position by reclaiming that part of you that was lost or disowned.

This was especially profound for me because it speaks of grief and loss, which is one of my passions. It indeed brought up lots for me to take away and meditate on further.

Marcia's 3-Step Process for making your dreams come true:
1. Get clear about what you want
2. Believe in yourself and your dreams
3. Take action on your dreams

I am a member of Marcia’s Amazing Dreamers online community which is a wonderful place to support you in bridging the gap between your reality and your dreams. The Amazing Dreamers community is nearly 5000 members and I invite you to join for support, tips and tools, including free e-books and audio on making your dreams come true. When you join, add me and Marcia as a friend.

It was a blessing to have Marcia back in her own home state for the weekend, and the New York Marcia shined forth.

Be sure to check out Marcia’s newest beautiful book, Dreams Are Whispers From the Soul. I have my very own personally autographed copy which will become a constant companion on my journey from living in reality to living in my precious dreams.

Live purposely in your dreams,
Coach Carolyn

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