05 June 2008

Being Fearless ~ On Purpose

Hey incredible people of passion and purpose!

I have been doing a lot of "noticing" lately and my findings are quite astounding. It seems that everyone is plagued by one fear or another. Is that not remarkable news? So I have launched two fearless communities on Meetup.

The first is the Fearless Living Spiritual Book Club. Beginning with the book by Rhonda Britten, we will discuss those fears that stop us from living passionate and purposeful lives. We will continue using other personal and spiritual development books and materials. Our first gathering was a brunch and we talked books, fears and dreams. It was a great time and I enjoyed meeting new fearless friends.

The second community is the Fearless Entrepreneur. This group is for aspiring or new entrepreneurs and anyone who has a dream and plagued or sabotaged by fears. This group will be a series of seminars, workshops, and networking events that deal with living with fears. The first seminar is scheduled for Thursday, June 26th @ 6pm.

If you are in the New York area and are dealing with fears, do not deal alone ~ come join one or more of our events.

Stay tuned for more future fearbusting events.

Live your passions fearlessly!
Coach Carolyn

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ZenDenizen said...

It was great seeing you at the meetup yesterday! I've included your blog in my medley post today :)