09 December 2008

Expect A Miracle Each Day

During this time of the year, we tend to want things and expect to receive them, coming in the form of holiday presents. Yet, what about the rest of the year? We want things then too, don’t we? Do we ask for them? Or do we simply make a wish and wait for a birthday or another special day of the year.

Do you know that it is your birthright to receive miracles? When was the last time you asked for a miracle? Do you awake every morning and ask for your miracle? Why not? I am taking this opportunity to invite you to ask for and expect to receive a miracle.

Miracles come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are not all ginormous, lightning bolt sized, split-open-the-sky types either. Some miracles are quite small but make a great impact. Babies are born everyday, yet for each family, it is considered a miracle. An “aha moment” is a miracle. Anything that changes you just a bit is a miracle. Remember, it is all a matter of perspective.

So, just for today, ask for and expect a miracle. And remember to be grateful for it.

Peace, blessings, and miracles!
Coach Carolyn


Helen H. David said...

I love your blog so much, I've got something for you. Check out http://inkinmysweettea.blogspot.com/. Have a wonderful day!

susanhanshaw said...


Thanks so much for the great reminder. Your question, "When was the last time you asked for a miracle?" stopped me in my tracks. I hate to admit it, but I rarely ask for miracles. You helped me to remember that miracles are my birthright.

Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Happy holidays,

Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

Helen, thank you for the "award" and the love link.

Susan, you are very welcome and thank you for your generosity.

You both are truly miracles!