30 December 2008

A Purposeful Day!

Habari Gani? NIA!

What’s the news? Purpose!

Today we celebrate the fifth day of Kwanzaa, that beautiful week-long festival honoring African heritage by giving thanks to our first fruits of the harvest. Today’s principle is my personal favorite: NIA or Purpose.

The day, NIA, speaks of making our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

This is my hope too for this community of passionate and purposeful women (and men); to build up this community by being an active part and by taking and exercising your power as purposeful creators. You have the power to think, to choose, to decide, and to act. How will you exercise your power? Or, have you given your power away?

How do we give our power away? By allowing anger, resentment and unforgiveness to clog your hearts and cloud your judgment. Set someone free this new year’s day, and you will indeed set yourself free. Live your life with and on purpose.

Blessed and prosperous New Year’s to you all!
Coach Carolyn

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