29 January 2009

Costumes for Chinese New Year

So, how are those “resolutions” coming? I prefer to call them desires. As I shared with my BWP Group, we need to re-define our terms, creating a life that is ours and not someone else’s.

Chinese New Year got me thinking. Hey, another new year; another chance to begin again, just in case we fell off the wagon, so to speak. Except for a big bash on New Year’s Eve, the new year usually comes in quietly and just sits there. Well, at least mine does. But, Chinese New Year, now there is passion! There are colors, costumes, beautiful decorations, parades, fire-breathing dragons, firecrackers and noise makers. And lots of red! Now, that’s passion.

So what has all this to do with new year’s desires and new beginnings? It is a different way of thinking; re-defining our stories. In NLP, SMART goals have a bit of a twist. The goals are to be specific, measurable, realistic and timely, but we are to ACT AS IF. This is how our thinking is changed; we act as if we have already received it. I do like that. Remember as children when we played pretend – we could be anything we wanted to be; and we did it with such passion and energy? Whatever happened to that child-like spirit? It became something called an adult and reality set in. Well, what if creating your best life was just that simple? As simple as acting as if?

As adults, we can pretend with more style and finesse, cuz we have J.O.B.'s. What is your heart’s desire? Act out your heart’s desire for once. See what that feels like. Think about when you play games like Charades and Twister. What fun! You forget about time and reality and just act as if. As if you were a child again. So why not apply this to your heart’s desires? Go and get yourself a costume, an adult costume. Be what you have always dreamed. As a child, I wanted to be Wonder Woman. Now, she rocked! and I loved those deflecting bracelets! You go, girl! Get into the part. Feel the passion. Think new thoughts. Act as if. Watch your dreams and desires begin to manifest. Why? You stepped out of your real life and into the life you envision.

This is nothing new; yet it is probably under-utilized. We don’t want to look silly; we want to be grown-up; we want to act responsibly. All this does is keep us broke, busted and highly disgusted! Anyway, whose life are you living? Go have fun! Act as if!

Live your dreams with passion,
Coach Carolyn

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