10 February 2009

Be Consistent ~ Go 10-5-1

Okay, purposeful people, we are into the second month of the year and this is a check-in. How are you doing? Are you stepping into and living your intentions? Are you feeling those dreams? Are you a manifestation magnate? Well, if you answered YES, I absolutely applaud you. If you answered NO, well… what’s up with that? What are you doing? What are you not doing? Are you feeling? Are you being consistent? Do you have the nutritious support people?

I must tell you. I was one of those people who only manifested when it was perfect, when the weather was good, when I finished this or that or something else. Blah, blah, blah! Enough! One of my 2009 mantras is: BE CONSISTENT! I have started my 10-5-1 system. It’s my practice to be and stay consistent.

I write out 10 things I will do everyday consistently until they become a habit. Don’t say you can’t do this because you do it anyway; you just don’t write down that you brush your teeth, you shower, you get dressed, you eat…. But you do them, don’t you? Uh-huh. So, a few of my 10 things are to meditate, to journal and mindmap, to do morning, evening and night prayer, and to do my breathwork. Yes, I do these things, but not consistently. This is the key: CONSISTENCY; and to help me stay consistent, I write them out everyday in my journal. Sometimes I would skip a day because I was tired. Well, hoity-toi! Who cares! I am a manifestation magnate and to be a manifestation magnate I must be consistent. So there!

I write out the 5 things I will do consistently each and every week. Two of my main weekly intentions are to attend an online teleseminar and a live networking event every week. This keeps me connected, focused and it re-energizes me to do what I need to do. It also allows me to generate new opportunities. Again, writing them down every week creates that shift in mindset moving me from a wimpy perfectionist to a JUST DO IT manifestation magnate!

Each and every day I write out my 1 main 90-day intention. Why a 90-day intention? Because my coach said so and he’s a multi-millionaire. Hey, I may be a perfectionist, but I ain’t stupid! And yes, I write it down everyday. I also have it on a laminated card tucked into my daily planner and I read that card several times a day. I nearly fell off my chair today screaming because it is working! This stuff really works! How do I know? The multi-millionaire coach, remember? If I’m lying, I’m flying!

So, it is month two and still time for you to put some systems into place to re-define your 2009. When you do, be what? Be what? I can’t hear you! BE CONSISTENT!

Here's to your consistent prosperity!
Coach Carolyn

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The Lovely Akisha said...

Great suggestion, and I agree that consistency does work. If we treated everything in life like teeth-brushing and showering, ahh just imagine! I love your blog, thank you for sharing your wisdom.