13 April 2010

Feel the Fear and Launch!

"Over the years I’ve realized that when we define ourselves through one thing, we risk being disappointed by unmet expectations. Whether it’s your business, your marriage, your children or your exercise regimen, associating your identity too deeply with one aspect of your life can lead to a true identity crisis and result in unhappiness.

"In fact experts say that the more diverse and varied our interests and passions are, the happier we become, citing examples of happy people who have many facets to their lives. When I first started Ladies Who Launch, like many passionate new launchers, I deeply associated myself with its mission, the brand and the evolving community. However there were times when my enthusiasm backfired, causing me to be discouraged at the twists and turns in the road.

"Feeling discouraged is a negative energy drain and can start a downward spiral leading to bad choices and less than desirable results. Although hindsight is 20/20, if I could give any budding entrepreneur advice today, I’d say, cultivate and give equal attention to all aspects of your life that create positive energy feelings for you. When one thing is in turmoil, the others balance it out, giving you just the boost you need to handle tough times optimally."

From Victoria's Daily Launch Tip of Ladies Who Launch

Here's to the Ladies Who Launch!
Coach Carolyn

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Leticia said...

I am a fan of the Ladies who Launch site. Today, I was telling a friend that I feel like I'm obsessing over my passion for skincare and wanting to help women angle girls. I fell very overwhelmed and all over the place. This blog is what I needed to hear. Thank you Carolyn.