21 February 2011

Season of Nonviolence – Day 23: Prayer

Welcome to Day 23 of the Season of Nonviolence – 64 Days of peaceful wisdom honoring the lives and nonviolent principles of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cesar Chavez.

Nonviolence begins with learning how to be less violent and more compassionate towards ourselves. We learn by building the courage to speak and act with respect, honor and reverence for our own being.

Day 23: PRAYER

"When you pray for anyone you tend to modify your personal attitude toward him." ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Praying for another person's good is an expression of care and concern. When you turn anger, resentment or conflict toward prayer for the other person involved in those toxic feelings, you wrap those apparent conditions in love. Only love, acceptance and compassion can heal relationships or shift our perception of a situation. As we pray for another, whether a spouse, a child, parent, or our nation's leaders, we connect with them in spirit. They become less the other and more clearly perceived as one of us, doing their best, no matter how far short of good enough that may appear to us at the time.

Today, pray for the good of someone or some situation you have discomfort around. It may be an intimate situation, something in your workplace, or in the world. Pray sincerely for the highest and greatest good for the person or situation. Journal about how it felt to do this and notice over the next few days how your attitude changes.

"Prayer from the heart can achieve what nothing else in the world can." said Gandhi. Begin and end the day with a prayer for peace. Let peace begin with you.


Jay said...

i'm currently reading the biography of martin luther king and through him and gandhi (he was my special topic when i had my final exams last year) i discovered the power of nonviolence. i always knew there was something fairely more important than the things the modern community advertises. i'm hooked. best wishes jay

Coach Carolyn said...

Thanks Jay! Blessings to you! C.