17 March 2011

Season of Nonviolence – Day 47: Disarmament

Welcome to Day 47 of the Season of Nonviolence – 64 Days of peaceful wisdom honoring the lives and nonviolent principles of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cesar Chavez.

Nonviolence begins with learning how to be less violent and more compassionate towards ourselves. We learn by building the courage to speak and act with respect, honor and reverence for our own being.

Day 47: Disarmament

"Anger and hatred cannot bring harmony. The noble task of disarmament cannot be accomplished by confrontation and condemnation. Hostile attitudes only serve to heat up the situation, whereas a true sense of respect gradually cools down what otherwise could become explosive." ~ Dalai Lama

Respect is a fundamental value in our nation. It is the basis for our Declaration of Independence which affirms that our rights as individuals are to be respected so that we may speak our minds, vote our conscience, practice our choice of religion and enjoy the sanctity of our homes. But respect cannot be legislated, so our Constitution has laws that protect us from being criminally disrespected by our neighbors or governments, whether at the local, state or national level.

When humanity reaches a level of understanding that respects all peoples, all nations and each individual's rights around the world, there will be no further need for national defense, weapons of mass destruction, or armies. Disarmament will unfold naturally.

Journal about or contemplate what personal defense systems you have in place. Do you respect everyone's right to their own views or opinions or do you feel threatened by those who disagree with you? Are you armed, emotionally or literally, to protect yourself from potential threats, or do you arm yourself only with compassion, respect and faith? How are you willing to begin disarmament in your life?

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