20 March 2011

Season of Nonviolence – Day 50: Choice

Welcome to Day 50 of the Season of Nonviolence – 64 Days of peaceful wisdom honoring the lives and nonviolent principles of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cesar Chavez.

Nonviolence begins with learning how to be less violent and more compassionate towards ourselves. We learn by building the courage to speak and act with respect, honor and reverence for our own being.

Day 50: Choice

"Don't think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully." ~ Anthony Robbins

Many of us do not recognize the power of our choices; too often we do not even realize we have chosen at all. Yet our lives are the perfect reflection of the choices we make. In order to change our lives, we must be aware of how our thoughts and beliefs determine what we choose. We must be aware before we can make different choices. In every moment we can choose peace and love, or we can choose fear and conflict.

Notice your choices today. Do you react automatically in familiar situations? Are your choices working for you; enhancing your experience of peace and love? Or do they continue to create conflict, pain and fear? Contemplate or journal about your of choices. Consider a new choice and imagine how it could shift these conditions.

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