18 May 2011

Choose Joy!

I received this from the Daily Word and wanted to share it. It speaks volumes! Enjoy!

Joy overflows from within me.

Joy is my nature as a child of God. It does not fluctuate based on what is happening in my life. While I may feel happy or sad in any given moment, these feelings cannot swell or dampen the joy built into my very being. The buoyancy I experience from outer events is temporary, eventually needing to be refreshed by the next pleasing experience. True joy is not something I acquire from outer events or things -- it is something I release from within.

Life is all about making choices. Joy is also a choice. You can choose to live in a spirit of joy or you can choose to allow circumstances dictate your moods and feelings. Joy is that deep inner delight that nothing and no one can take away. You can feel sad and still have joy within your heart and express that joy to others.

So, just for today, choose JOY!

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