17 May 2011

It Is In Giving That We Receive

The happy heart gives away the best. To know how to receive is also a most important gift, which cultivates generosity in others and keeps strong the cycle of life.” ~ Dhyani Ywahoo

One of my favorite prayers says that it is in giving that we receive. I was always taught to give, give, give and never take. After all, I am a caregiver. I did not know how to receive. When someone would offer me a gift, I would graciously and stoically refuse. Then I was admonished, when you give, don’t you feel good? Yes, I answered. So, why are you depriving someone else that same feeling? Yikes!

I discovered that in my constant giving, I was also being selfish in not allowing others to give back to me.

When I learned that it was in giving that we received, I quickly shifted my consciousness and became not just a cheerful giver, but also a cheerful receiver!

Give the best of yourself, not just the leftovers!

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