15 August 2011

Create A Transforming Story

This is a time of great transformation on our planet. We all have a part to play, just by being will to be our true, magnificent selves.” ~ Shakti Gawain 

To truly be our magnificent and authentic selves, we must be fully present in our own lives. Our days generally consist of a series of automatic, rote tasks and activities. We are rarely truly present or fully aware when we are performing them. 

That is why creating your ideal day puts you in a conscious state of mind. Instead of what you are already currently experiencing on a daily basis, what would you like your day to look like? Focus on each of the tasks and activities of your ideal day. Especially pay close attention to how you are feeling. Are you feeling calmer? More peaceful? Instead of asking for less stress, ask for more peace. 

The time of great transformation that Queen Shakti speaks of in the quote is your transformation; you are transforming your current story of lack, scarcity, fear and worry to a new story of peace, joy, abundance and prosperity. This is not some airy fairy, pie-in-the-sky notion – unless you choose to focus on it that way. It is all about making choices; and only you can make the choice to transform consciously, mindfully and intentionally. You are going to transform anyway, whether you like it or not. So why not do it on your own terms; create it the way you desire and live the life of your wildest dreams. 

So, just for today, choose to create a new, transforming story!

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