31 August 2011

A Prosperous Life

Thinking about the hurricanes, tornadoes and floods that have ravaged our nation these past weeks, I give thanks for the gift of life. We do not remember how fragile life is until we are faced with some adversity or devastation. When I witness these calamities, I realize how truly blessed I am.

I received this from the Daily Word. It confirmed my blessed and abundant state of life. May it give you comfort as we pray for those affected by life’s storms.

I am prospered as I circulate God's good.

Water in a pool or pond becomes stagnant when there is lack of fresh water circulating through it. Similarly, when I fail to circulate the good in my life, good can appear to be in short supply. The more I give, the more I receive. The greater my appreciation of life's abundance, the more I am stimulated to share.

As I give love to others, love returns to me. It may return from different people, yet without fail, it will return to bless me. When I spend money, I am doing more than just making a purchase or paying a bill, I am circulating God's good. Prosperity flows to me continuously as I actively and consciously participate in the infinite cycle of blessing and benefit.

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