14 November 2011

Your Divine Imagination

"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." ~ Albert Einstein

Napoleon Hills said, “Fear is faith in reverse gear. Fear is a negative belief in something, and belief is the very foundation of faith. Faith is a positive mental attitude in action. Your mental attitude is the sum total of your thoughts at any given time.”

When we were children, we had no problem activating our wonderful gift of imagination. We could imagine anything. I remember when my family would purchase a large household item, like a new television or a washing machine. I was enthralled with the big box that it came in. That box became my fort, my playhouse, my spaceship, my doll house, you name it. And I had no shortage of ideas for what to use that box for. Unfortunately, we were talked out of using that magnificent gift. We had to grow up, be realistic, and get our heads out of the clouds.

But I have some amazing news for you. You still have that gift – yes, it is still a part of you, and you have the ability to activate it anytime you choose. And you want to know something else? You do activate it, quite frequently. The difference is instead of imagining what you do want, you imagine what you do not want, and thus creating a reality that mirrors your imagination. Instead of focusing on your dreams and intentions, you give excessive amounts of attention to your fears and worries. And guess what shows up in your life? You bet! More of your fears and worries.

Just for today, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK:

What am I giving most of my attention to right now?” 

Especially if you are not feeling well emotionally.

Remember, your thoughts precede your feelings; so if you are not feeling okay, then check in with what you are thinking about. You have the ability to choose a different thought; one that is more pleasant; thus making you feel better. Be proactive with your thoughts and your imagination. Use them to create the life you desire.

Here’s to dreaming in color!

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