02 November 2007

Being Passionate and On Purpose

Just a brief roundup as to what’s been going on in the life of the Becoming a Woman of Purpose consortium – meetup group, blog, newsletter, and other stirrings.

At our October Meetup, we gathered and discussed living your dreams. We were in the wonderful Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center and enjoyed a lively discussion about following your passions and living your dreams. I learned that several of us will be on Oprah together!

One tip on living your dreams is to write down your dreams. Get them out of your head and into your life. Dream big and let the Divine take care of the “how.” You just focus on what you want your dream to look like and don’t worry about how it will show up. If you take your right actions, the Universe will do its part.

I was honored to give a seminar to the Sistahs in Unity Meetup Group on Fears, Negativity and Limiting Beliefs. The sistahs were wonderful, the conversation was stimulating, and the aura was on purpose. Although it was pouring rain that evening, the ladies gathered. When sistahs want to live a life on purpose, a little rain won’t stop them! Thank you ladies for gathering with me.

Pictured: me with Alexis Etheridge, the CEO of Sistahs in Unity (in white blouse) and the sistahs!

Our Becoming a Woman of Purpose Blog was listed among other women blogs on the Virtual Woman’s Day Blog List of inspiring women blogs. Rockin’! A passionate thank you to Heidi Richards for the love link.

Also, the W Magical List is still alive and growing. I get emails daily from women wanting to add their blogs to the wiki. If you are a woman blogger and have not joined the wiki, then join the wiki!

Becoming a Woman of Purpose was also featured as the Facebook W List Weekly Meet n Greet Blog. If you are on Facebook, look me up and hook up!

If anyone wants to subscribe to this blog’s feeds, fill in the box on the sidebar. If anyone wants to subscribe to the BWP ezine, then shoot me an email. I am stopping the print edition and only doing a online version. Saves paper and trees.

Other stirrings: I am putting the finishing touches on my ebooks, and am praying about Internet talk radio. The Spirit is moving and sending whatever is necessary my way. Just too much to ignore. Will keep you posted on that.

But do connect with me, shoot me an email, Facebook me, link up on LinkedIn – I am easy to get to, except by phone! Lord, do I loathe the phone! Let me know what’s working for you and what you need.

Living passionately and on purpose is a collective journey and I am here to be your Spirit Woman guide. Thanks for visiting.

Live passionately,
Coach Carolyn

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