20 November 2009

Have Fun! Have A Party!

I am always looking for ways to empower and be empowered and have fun in the process. As I was writing the blog post on jewelry and happiness, it occurred to me that like so many women, I have a drawer full of odds and ends jewelry. You know, the classic one earring (because you lost the other one in what’s his name’s car), or the tangled chains that you have not found the time and never will find the time to untangle. Before you buy new jewelry, how about getting rid of the old, unused stuff? The price of gold is doing quite well right now. Just a few weeks ago, my friend sold some of her gold oddities and made a nice piece of change. Unexpected cash! Boy, was she happy!

Now for the fun part. How about hosting a Gold Party where women come to your home, or some nice meeting space, and bring their gold odds and ends to sell? Well, I came across Premiere Gold Parties. Imagine that? Premiere Gold Parties is like Tupperware parties on steroids. Tupperware was okay, but whenever you went, you had to buy something. At these Gold Parties, you make the money, not spend it. You agree to host a party and Premiere Gold Parties will do the rest. They will send out the invitations, bring food and drinks, and weigh and pay each person for their gold – all the while having fun! And you as the host get ten percent of everything purchased at your party. Too cool!

This sounds great for stay at home moms and part-timers or someone looking to earn some extra cash, while having fun with the girls! Something to think about… Host A Gold Party. Parties are always fun and life should be about having fun!

Coach Carolyn

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