19 November 2009

Make the Choice to Be Happy

As women, we rarely do lovely and loving things just for ourselves. We will do things for everyone else, while neglecting ourselves. Thinking back on this, I remember how I used to buy myself jewelry. Nothing too elaborate, but something pretty, and just for me. I always loved buying earrings because it was an easy way to feel feminine and pretty. As I lost my spinner thumb ring for the second time, I went online to check out rings. I came across a company called Apples of Gold – I love that name – a retailer of fine jewelry.

What I love about Apples of Gold is the simplicity of the site and the jewelry. It’s a very clean site, not cluttered with bobbles and bangles. It was just fun to search through the site, looking at all the items. If you want to be a happier more peaceful person, all you need do is make the decision, and be happier and more peaceful. Do whatever you need to do to make that happen, so long as it will not harm another. Looking at pretty jewelry online made me happy and because I was concentrating on the jewelry, I was not thinking a negative thought. Imagine that?

So, just for today, make a conscious choice to do something for yourself to make yourself happy and filled with peace. Just think what it will also do for those around you.

Choose to be happy,
Coach Carolyn

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