11 November 2009

Make the Decision... Gain Inner Peace

“We achieve inner peace when we have come to a definite decision. Until then, our lives are in the shaky land of what if.” ~ Coach Carolyn

I know when I have reached a decision about something, I immediately breathe a sigh of relief. Why a sigh of relief? Because up until then, I have been living in limbo about whatever it is that I need to decide, and I cannot let it go so God can then take it and work on it. Up until then, it has been weighing on my mind, pressing on my own heart, and pending within my spirit.

Making that decision means being able to release it to God to be made manifest. Making that decision means that I have gained inner peace from the struggle of holding onto that choice. Making that decision is also about loving yourself enough to free yourself from those inner struggles and releasing them to a power greater than ourselves.

Just for today, take the leap, make the decision, let go and let God. Then, you will have inner peace.

Coach Carolyn

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