26 August 2010

The Law of Increase

When someone praises you for your efforts, you feel like expanding and doing better, trying harder to be more perfect.” ~ Raymond Holliwell

When we are praised or praise ourselves there is a physical response within our bodies. Doctors tell us that the cells of our body respond to the Law. They seem to know and expand in strength, in capacity, and even in intelligence. Of course, we know that it is the mind working through every cell that causes the expansion.” ~ From Working With the Law

Know how you feel when you are praised or honored in some way? Feels good, doesn’t it? Not only do your cells expand, but so does your smile! Think about that feeling and pass that feeling on to another.

Help others expand… without the carbs!

1 comment:

Emme said...

Help others expand without the carbs! This is so cute and right on time..With my expansion, I am inspiring others to expand..Expansion feels good..Thank you!!