27 August 2010

The Law of Success

Infinite resources are at our disposal. There are no limits to our possibilities.” ~ Raymond Holliwell

If we have the desire to succeed, then why don’t we just succeed? Instead we him, we haw, we get bogged down in the muck and mire of doubt and fear and we do not progress. As Dr. Holliwell says we have an infinite number of resources at our disposal. So, why can’t we make the progress we know to make?

Because of our subconscious blueprint. We have been conditioned as children to think, feel and believe one way; and that way is not the Certain Way that Wallace Wattles speaks of in The Science of Getting Rich. We sabotage ourselves instead of building ourselves up and moving forward.

Do you wish to succeed? You can. You possess all the essentials within yourself; all you need is to gain a right understanding of the principles and laws upon which success is based, and then to apply the right methods of operating these causes until success is earned.” ~ From Working With the Law

Dr. Holliwell says that great things are no less possible than small things, and it is the great things that will follow whoever uses the law with faith and understanding.

This takes consistent effort with feeling. Once will not gain you success. It takes repetition with emotion. You must know what your heart’s desire is and go after it with all your heart, mind and soul and strength.

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