27 September 2011

Chart Your Course

If you were planning a road trip across the country, would you leave without having a map? Or would you look at the map once and then forget about it? If that was your strategy, you might never arrive at your destination. But if you were absolutely committed to arriving at your destination in the shortest time possible, you would study the map carefully, charting out your route for each day. And if you made a wrong turn along the way, you wouldn’t spend five years beating yourself up. You would pull over, look at your map, and get back on track.” ~ Debbie Ford, The Right Questions

Think about planning your day, your week, your year like planning a road trip. You have got to strategically plan starting with where you are right now and ending with where you would like to be. Like planning a road trip, you must begin right where you are now. You cannot plan your trip without noting your starting point. From your starting point, you can plot your destination point.

So, just for today, stop, take a breath and ask yourself:
Where am I right now?”
“Where would I like to be – six months from now? One year from now? Five years from now?”

Then, study your map and chart your course. Happy sailing!

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