21 September 2011

Making Conscious Choices

Our choices affect our mood and the way we feel about ourselves. They influence the quality of our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; this is the law of cause and effect. No action goes unnoticed. We may fool ourselves into believing that our actions do not matter, particularly if we think no one will know or that no one is watching. But all of our choices impact our futures.” ~ Debbie Ford, The Right Questions

There is never an effect without a cause and there is never a cause without an effect. Every decision you make, there is a consequence. Even if you do not make a decision, that is a decision and will result in an effect.

Just for today, think about the choices you are making. This means making conscious choices, not choices made by default. Every choice you make leads to the results in your life.

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