17 April 2007

Purposeful Musings

Greetings Purposeful Women!

“Listen to the calling of your heart and the true riches of life will follow.”

I want to personally welcome you to this Becoming a Woman of Purpose blog. It is my wish that this becomes a place for you to come again and again for wisdom and guidance, helping you with the questions about your life purpose.

Through my life and leadership coaching, lectures and workshops, I empower women. Women have unique ways of creating, weaving and leading that profoundly influence business, society and the world.

When women gather together, a powerful, dynamic energy occurs, one that births our individual and collective potential. At this time in history, so much depends on women designing meaningful lives, world-changing work and sustainable legacies. We must recognize and own our innate, intuitive abilities that allow us to imagine and manifest the critical changes we know must occur in a life-sustaining world.

So allow the Spirit to guide you on this amazing journey of peace, love and joy. Let us not wait for life to happen; but participate in making our lives happen, creating a life of inner peace, passion, and purpose!

Live with peace, passion, and purpose!
Coach Carolyn

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