28 April 2007

A Great Resource: The Comfort Queen

One of my favorite women is Jennifer Louden, also known as the Comfort Queen. She has a wonderful website with great resources helping women to be gentle with themselves. She has written numerous books, including the Life Organizer: A Woman's Guide to a Mindful Year. It is a wonderful guide book of tips, stories, and prompts to focus your needs and navigate your dreams.

One of the quotes from her book is: "I won't bully myself to do better; I will love myself into discerning what my next step is." How often do we need to tell ourselves easy does it. I tell women if you are going to beat yourself up, use a feather. Think about that inner child. She is feeling down. Would you yell and scream at her? No, you would be gentle with her, knowing her fragility in this moment. Well you are that child, just in a bigger body. So be gentle with her.

So, order her Life Organizer directly from Amazon.com. Check out the link on the sidebar. Or, get a nice cup of tea, check out Jennifer's website and just relax!

In peace and gentleness,
Coach Carolyn

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