19 April 2007

Women in Transition Workshop

Greetings Women of Purpose!

Just came from facilitating an amazing workshop for Women in Transition; which is all of us, really. There was wonderful sharing and the women really connected and bonded.

After the horrific tragedy this past week, there is a greater need to bond and be connected. Especially us New Yorkers, there is a tendency to isolate more and it is very easy to do so. There are an amazing number of anonymous beings in New York City.

As women, we are healers, teachers, and keepers of the flame -- we cannot allow this kind of isolationism to persist. Reach out to someone who seems lonely and shy. Make sure someone knows your emergency contact information.

For women in the New York City area looking for a wonderful place to share, bond and find solace, visit the Elizabeth Seton Women's Center at West 70th Street. Tell them you heard about them from this blog!

Until next time,
Live with inner peace, passion and purpose!
Coach Carolyn

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