24 April 2007

What is Purpose?

This question came up earlier this evening when discussing this blog. What is meant by "purpose?"

Purpose is your God-given soul print; that thing you and only you were put on this earth to do. Your purpose is imprinted deep within and it is yours alone. How you choose to live out that purpose and make it manifest is up to you. If your purpose is to educate and inspire -- you can do that as a parent, coach, educator, minister, counselor, circus clown, etc. -- the list is endless.

The challenge, I find, is that most of us don't realize what our purpose is. So we spend our lives living someone else's purpose; we live a script that was written for someone else. Then we wonder why we are frustrated, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, depressed, you name it. It's like walking around with our shoes on the wrong foot. Or worse, walking around in someone else's shoes -- which are either too large or too small.

Part of my purpose is to equip, empower, and encourage women using my gifts of speaking, writing, and storytelling bringing them to a place of inner peace, passion, and purpose. This I can do 24/7. There is no "Oh, God, it's Monday!" I am excited about everyday, and everyday is a new day to receive miracles. And I get them, too!

To help find your purpose, think about the one thing you could do for the rest of your life especially if you were not getting paid for it. What do you do where you totally lose track of time?

Something to think about...

Live with passion!
Coach Carolyn

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clistecole said...

Coach Carolyn,

Thank you for asking us to pause and reflect on our purpose. Sometimes the tedium of the every day and lull us into forgetting who we, where we are going, and why. Added to this is this problem is purposelessness. So, you are very right to ask us to find our purpose.

Great blog and I look forward to reading more!