28 July 2009

Do It Afraid!

In The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, Principle #15 is Experience Your Fear and Take Action Anyway. He writes,

“Some people will do anything to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of fear. If you are one of those people, you run an even bigger risk of never getting what you want in life. Most of the good stuff requires taking a risk. And the nature of a risk is that it doesn’t always work out….” (pg 115)

We have heard the acronym for fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. Well Jack calls them Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real. Either way, we tend to fear what we have yet to experience. Instead of using our brilliant imaginations to fantasize about what might happen, why not use them to fantasize about what we desire. This will create a higher and more peaceful vibration within your mind, body and spirit.

So, just for today, go on...take the leap and do it afraid. Only then will the net appear.
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Do it afraid!
Coach Carolyn

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