22 July 2009

Mindfulness to Inner Peace

One of the ways to manifest inner peace in our lives is by living more mindfully.

What is mindfulness? According to Wikipedia, mindfulness is a mental state characterized by calm awareness of one's body functions, feelings, content of consciousness, or consciousness itself.

One way to practice living mindful is when eating. I am amazed at how many folks just inhale their meals without any thought. And, between each inhalation, they are chatting away! I joke that I "nurse" my food. I want to truly experience everything that I eat. Our tendency is towards multitasking.

My favorite definitions for multitasking:

~ screwing everything up simultaneously.

~a polite way of telling someone you haven’t heard a word they said.

~a nice way to say that you’re doing many different things at the same time. And since no one can divide by zero, that means you’re doing many different things half-assed.

So, just for today, practice mindfulness ~ when you are eating, doing the dishes, putting on makeup, and so on. Don't know where to begin? Start with this little Swedish proverb...

"Fear less, hope more;
Eat less, chew more;
Whine less, breathe more;
Talk less, say more;
Love more, and all good things will be yours"

Live mindfully...on purpose!

Coach Carolyn