09 July 2009

Using Your Word Against Yourself

To be impeccable with your word means all the words you speak, not merely the ones directed at others. Some of the harshest words we direct at ourselves. How often do we say things like, “Oh, I am so stupid,” or “I look so fat in this,” or “I’m not good enough to….”

Remember, the vibration we send out into the universe, is the same energy that will return to us. So before you use the word against yourself, STOP, TAKE A BREATH, and ASK

"Am I doing the very best that I can right now?"

If so, okay. If not, change what you can and move on.

Stop beating yourself up. The worse abuse is verbal abuse. It leaves scars far more deep than we can imagine. Don’t think this is abuse? Just let someone else say these things to you on a consistent basis and tell me it’s not abusive. We are our own worse enemy, critic, and abuser.

Just for today, think of yourself as a little child. Would you speak to that child in that manner? Well remember, that child is YOU!

Words can harm and words can heal... choose wisely!
Coach Carolyn

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