16 July 2009

Personal Importance

From The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:

"During the period of our domestication, we learn to think we are responsible for everything: 'Me, me, always me!'

"Personal importance, or taking things personally, is the maximum expression of selfishness because we make the assumption that everything is about 'me.'"

Relieve yourself of the burden of taking on the responsibility of policing the universe.

Coach Carolyn


Juliana said...

I love this book, and I just love his simplicity in explaining personal importance. I don't think I really got it the first time someone told me to stop being 'self important'! Thank you for sharing and keep up your great work - who you are makes a difference to me.

Coach Carolyn said...

Thank you Juliana for your kind words and keep reaching! CoachC.