19 August 2009

STOP... and Listen

I received this article from author, teacher and coach Debbie Ford on listening to your inner voice. Manifesting inner peace begins with stopping ~ a spiritual action, and listening. You cannot hear unless you stop and turn down the noise. Enjoy!

What will it take to make you listen to the voice of your own soul? To make you tune into your wants and needs? How many sleepless nights must you stay awake to unfold the great mystery from within?

There is a small whisper of a voice that is wanting and needing to be listened to. There is a voice of love and compassion that wants to sing out loud ~ without suppression. It is time for the voice to be heard, to be listened to, to be honored and acknowledged as the voice of your own soul. Now is the time that you must stop tricking yourself into believing that you are the one in total control of your life when, in reality, there is a wounded and hurt part of you that is screaming to be let out, that is tired of you marching to the same drummer. Maybe you're aware of this small voice that shouts out in anger as it can no longer tolerate living a life of business as usual.

So stop it. Stop it now. Don't head to the same old nonsense. Try being sick of it because, believe me, that part of you is probably sick of you and some of the repetitive lies and stories that you continue to swim in each day. You might ask, How do I swim in them each day? You wake up and say "I am not going to eat so much, spend so much, procrastinate so much, or tolerate the suppression." You must allow your soul and the highest aspect of yourself to take control of your life. Tough love is what we're calling on here. When you are tempted to follow the path of your wounded self, you must say, "Stop it! I can't listen to your nonsense one more day." Remember, you're the parent now.

Now is the time to get out of the pool of the past. Now is the time for change, to wake up and smell the rose scent of a greater reality. Now is the time to give yourself permission to decipher the language of your higher calling. You are loved, you are cared for, you are important and you have a special purpose here on earth. Now is the time to confront the shadows that keep you behind the prison walls. Set yourself free. You have the key. Now open the door.

(1) Make a list of all the places you're tolerating mediocrity and can't take it anymore.

(2) Spend five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening calling forth and listening to the voice of your own soul.

Visit Debbie's website to access free affirmations, meditations and worksheets to assist you in being your best self.

Are you listening? Just for today, stop and listen!
Coach Carolyn

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Leticia said...

I just read this after yet another bad conversation with mom. I'm sick of all the unforgiveness in my heart (scream!). Love and compassion is in me. ... I know what it feels like. I'm grateful for the feeling.