27 September 2009

Delegate...On Purpose

Most women of purpose are living their passions and doing exactly what they were created to do. This is awesome. The not so awesome part is that they can get blocked and bogged down by some of the mundane tasks. This unfortunately can keep you stuck. One of the biggest procrastination blockers islack of delegation. Small business owners, especially start-ups, must learn to delegate those tasks that must get done but are not so attractive to do. Or, they are just not within your skill set or passion set.

We tend to think that just because it’s my business, I have to do everything! Well, this is just not the case. This is the case where we have to shift from merely passionate to entrepreneur and business owner. One of those places is when we have to do printing. I had a client, who was about to launch her ministry, and asked me to come to the “launch luncheon” to speak. She had lovely packets of information; but she was exhausted having stayed up the night before putting everything together herself. Then she realized, “I should have called you to help me!” Well, duh!

This is one area I delegate. Printing services are so readily available, but I’m not one to schlep to a print shop only to dole out a whole lot of cash. Online printing is the way to go! I call it Web Printing 2.0! Online printing is a lot less expensive without the schlep! PsPrint is one such company that prints everything from business cards to postcards. You can get your printing done in record time – online – and without the hassle. And if you are a start-up, you don’t need anymore hassles.

Remember, delegate whenever possible. It helps alleviate the pain of procrastination. And we artistes just want to create!

Don’t procrastinate, delegate!
Coach Carolyn

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