28 September 2009

Will the Real YOU Please Stand Up?

"Ultimately, the real you is beyond words. Call it intuition. Call it universal consciousness. Call it life. Call it awareness. Call it God or Being or your Buddha nature. Whatever you call it, this infinitely wise presence waits patiently and peacefully in the recesses of your heart, trying to get through to you. It has always been there, always will be there, shining like a beacon beneath all the social masks, all the musts and shoulds, all the have-to's and not-good-enoughs that have kept you from knowing it.

"The real you is the part of you that speaks in your dreams, wakes you up in the middle of the night with a new idea, nudges you gently in a new direction, and sometimes screams at you when you're about to do something stupid. It is a fountain of truth, the source of anything you could ever want to know. All the wisdom of past, present, and future is contained in the real you. But ah--how to get in touch with it? Now, that is the question!" ~ Brandt Morgan

Will the REAL YOU please stand up?
Coach Carolyn


Heather said...

Thanks Carolyn, nice post. Now how can we help the real me come out? :) Maybe its that self-acceptance phrase of EFT... deeply and completely loving and accepting myself.

Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

Thanks, Heather. Remember, the BE, DO, HAVE Questions? That's where you start. And yes, the EFT setup statements are wonderful.