14 September 2009

Michelle Obama Rocks the Toy Watch!

One of my affirmations is “Time is an illusion; time is mine.” Don’t you love it? And those of you who know me, know I don’t wear a watch. That’s just because the last one broke and I was too lazy to go and get another one. Besides, I only wear men’s watches because of the bigger face and numbers. Yes, sister plays trombone with the fine print! However, I have seen women rockin’ these big plastic watches and wondered, “Humm, nice. Bold!”

Now I am not much of a fashion follower or a trendsetter – except I follow my own trends, thank you very much! But the latest thing is the Toy watch – those big plastic, colorful jobs that even our Miss Oprah named as one of her favorite things. Even our very stylish First Lady, Michelle Obama, rocks her Toy watch! Go figure! She made an appearance on the Tonight Show wearing J. Crew, which sparked a shopping frenzy at their stores and has been seen out in public sporting a toywatch. She admits that she shops online and seems to have a fashion following with whatever she wears. Don’t you love a Divine Diva?

I love butterflies, so of course there is one with a butterfly! Hummmm. Italian designer Marco Mavilla is the reason behind this new Hollywood obsession. The oversized, large watch faces and the lightweight of the plastic are what make Toy watch the new “must have!” The Toy watch will most likely be a big fashion hit this season into Christmas.

We care so much about time in our society yet we don’t rock it well. I mean, come on ladies! It’s time to sing, “Time is Mine!”

Rock it, ladies!
Coach Carolyn

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