27 January 2010

Do Affirmations Really Work?

As you know, your words are truly powerful. I believe your words are one of the most powerful weapons you have for or against anything in your life. You literally have the power to harm or the power to heal.


How am I sabotaging myself with my words?

If you are one to speak daily affirmations, are you really speaking from a place of fear or a place of faith?

Do your affirmations make you feel constrictive or expansive? Do you really believe what you say on a daily basis?

If not, then perhaps you need to re-word your affirmations. One of the tricks I have found helpful for myself is to interject the choices method in my affirmations. If I say an affirmation and cannot quite feel into it, yet it is something I choose for my life, I preface it with the words, “I choose…”

So, if I my affirmation is “I am healthy, wealthy and wise.” Now, if I am not feeling this, I can change it to, “I choose to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.” This feels more authentic to me.

Just for today, I challenge you to take another look at your affirmations. See what feels constrictive or expansive to you.

I choose to make this a fabulous day!
Coach Carolyn

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