09 December 2010

Day 4: Spiritual Goal Manifestation

Write down the vision and make it plain.” ~ Hab 2:2

Very often, when we set a goal or an intention, we tend to think about it and do nothing else. Believing that the mere thought of our goals and intentions are enough to manifest, it continues to swim around inside our heads with all the other thoughts and things to do. This does not set the goal apart allowing us to work on it

God told the Prophet Habakkuk to write down the vision he saw on tablets and write it plainly. This is a perfect model for goal manifestation. Any goal, dream or desire we are wishing to manifest must be written down simply and plainly. In our heads, it’s only a wish or a fantasy – our ideal story. But set down on paper, it becomes ready for reality.

Something happens when you wrote down your desires. First, the action of writing not only engages the mind but also the body. Seeing the words on paper creates new images which create new neural pathways in the brain. Then reading your desire aloud brings in the auditory. It also makes it more real to you.

Your goal or vision must be plain, that is, it must not be confusing or cloudy. It should be understood by a six-year-old and long enough to be committed to memory and recited often.

So, what is your goal or desire for 2011?

Write it down, make it plain and read it often.

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